Improving the performance of plastic products

Uv stabilizers

Additive used in agricultural films, and injection molding products to protect the substance from the long-term UV degradation effects from ultraviolet radiation.


Additive that increase the thermal stability.


Additives that remove the static charges can be used for all kinds of polyolefin containing antistatic.

Nucleating Agent

Nucleating Master batches prevent deformation of the product and improve the transparency of PP articles.

Calcium Filler

Special Fillers with Calcium Carbonate, Talc, and Calcium Sulphate for use in applications like films, and general injection molding.


Desiccant concentrates minimize the need to pre-dry resins. Used in film pipes & packaging, and also protect metal components from oxidation.

Flame Retardant

In development.

Foaming agent

In development.