We specialize in the production of color concentrates - Master batches and we do it with the most competitive prices available and with top quality.

After years of experience we came to realize that the combination of great teamwork, extraordinary product and the will to give great service can and has to be the winning kind.

We combine the art of color with the technology to create every color possible or demanded and specialize in creating color concentrates for plastic industries with the highest of standards and with full compatibility for the customer’s demands while staying true to the international standards.


We use environment-friendly pigments which suits products, from cosmetics products package, color concintrates for the toys-making industry and all with the right regulations. We keep close eye with strict quality control which allows consistency of the requester colors by the customer and all with competitive prices with quick and precise delivery.

Our commitment for quality allows us to create concentrates of color for the users, making them super effective for the customers and the plastic industry, usually for the use of special and colorful effects. Our products use all configurations of plastic creation such as: Injection molding, extrusion, vacuum forming, and blowing.

Effects provided to customers:

- Metallic effect.

- Marble effect

- Glitter effect.

- Pearl Effect

- Fluorescent effect

- Granite effect

- Transparent

Colorful produces MB color for all types of polymers:

Eg ABS, SAN, PS, PET, PE, PP, and others.

We supply MB colors with very high dispersion for use in the film industry, using the highest quality pigments to achieve the highest quality according to the customer specifications.

And for the injection industry for kinds of applications such as garden furniture, cosmetics, we supply a wide range of additives as per customer needs such as UV stabilizer, anti-oxidants, desiccant moisture absorbers, odor concentrates, and more.

special department for producing black and white color.